About This Work

Nothing says "Holland" better than its icon, the bicycle. The Dutch refer to a bicycle as a "fiets", and to them as well as to the viewer, it represents more than a means of transport. The stubbornness of the Dutch, perhaps; or respect for the planet; or the sober practicality and pragmatism they are known for; or simple modernity. In that sense, we are all Dutch: varying interpretations of everyday symbols depend more on the "me" than on the object under consideration.


11x14" or 12x18" Giclée print, Ready to Frame - limited edition of 500 prints – $45

11x14" or 12x18" Giclée print, Framed - same limited edition of 500 prints – $99

20x30" Acrylic - limited edition of 100 prints – $479

30x40" Acrylic - limited edition of 50 prints – $749

Other formats available on request—please enquire.

Fiets, Utrecht

Limited Edition

About The Artist

Michael Willems is an internationally known award-winning photographer. His creative vision is shaped by his experiences: having worked in 49 countries, he sees beauty in everyday situations and is passionate in sharing it.


Framed 11x14" in 16x20" frame: 15% off instore