Our Kodak photo kiosks will print beautiful 4x6 or 6x8 pictures from your phone or camera memory card in just a few minutes. But because technologies change and machines can be confusing, we are there to help transfer, convert and even, if you wish, edit your pictures.


Larger prints, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 or 13x19", we make for you on our art printers.


We produce larger prints, up to around 30 x 40", according to your  individual needs: on paper or metallic paper mounted on softcore, or on canvas, on metal, or acrylic-coated. Many types of frame are available. Prints covered in glass can use standard or special "zero reflection" coated glass. Come see examples of all these technologies in the store: we will help you choose what is right for you.

We will help you operate the machines if you like, too. At Michael Willems Photo, we make things easy for you.

This manual process, where we check, and if necessary edit, your photo before printing it using permanent pigments, not dyes, on quality photo papers, ensures that you receive permanent art-quality prints that are stable and will not fade. The printers used are high-resolution professional printers that use multiple pigments - 10 of them, not 3 or 4!

CANVAS WRAPS: Our beautiful canvas gallery wraps are the perfect way of displaying wedding photographs, new-born baby’s photos, beautiful sceneries or a family portrait. Our canvas printing is done on high quality professional canvas media and will ensure 100% acid-free archival properties. Whether you are looking to display your canvas print in a museum for the next 100 years or merely hang it on your living room wall, we'll ensure that your canvas is made to last a lifetime.

All canvas printing and wraps are hand-made on a fine wooden stretcher. All canvases are laminated with UV coating for surface protection and to prevent scuffing and stretching. Lamination is available in Matte or Satinex (glossy, glimmering). Available in 3/4” wrap thickness or 1 3/4” wrap thickness. Media: - OBA Free Breathing Color Lyve canvas (archival matte canvas with white base) up to 60” width.

METAL PRINTS: Turn your images into a beautiful, high definition dye sublimated aluminum metal photo panel. Our dye-sublimated metal prints are extraordinarily vibrant and retain a deep depth of highlight and shadow details on the metal panels. While others choose to use UV-cured inks printed directly onto the material, this type of printing is not yet able to retain professional sharpness and smooth gradient transitions in colour. We print our images with the highest quality inkjet printers onto transfer paper which then undergoes a dye sublimated super high temperature process.

ACRYLIC PRINTS: The first thing you notice when you enter the room, and the last thing you remember when you leave! Our acrylic photomounts will leave a lasting impression on those who see them. This product is 100% archival and will last a lifetime without any fading. We print your image on professional photo paper first, then mount it between framing grade acrylic and your choice of backing. Other labs merely print the image using a UV printer, which simply cannot match current professional photographic standards.