About This Work

The female nude is lit with two colours, different on each side, as if to say: "I am not simple and  one-dimensional and defined by my physical appearance". She thus projects a very powerful message: we can personify beauty, and yet take charge of our own destiny and be defined not by others, but by how we define ourselves.


11x14" or 12x18" Giclée print, Ready to Frame - limited edition of 500 prints – $45

11x14" or 12x18" Giclée print, Framed - same limited edition of 500 prints – $99

20x30" Acrylic - limited edition of 100 prints – $479

30x40" Acrylic - limited edition of 50 prints – $749

Other formats available on request—please enquire.

Nude with colours

Limited Edition

About The Artist

Michael Willems is an internationally known award-winning photographer. His creative vision is shaped by his experiences: having worked in 49 countries, he sees beauty in everyday situations and is passionate in sharing it.