photo restoration

Preserve Your Memories. Come into the store with your old photos, slides or negatives to see what we can do with them. Which is often more than you may think - here, for example, are a few typical before/after photos:

As these examples show, it is often possible to enhance old photographs to something approaching, or sometimes even exceeding, their original form.

And since memories are timeless and are the only way we can travel back in time, it is usually very well worth doing.

Particularly since, once the decay and fading and discolouration of a photo, negative or slide starts, it only accelerates from there.

Our FULL SERVICE process broadly consists of the following steps:

1. Consult

2. Scan

3. Edit

4. Print

First, a consultation is included. We quote for the process after seeing your original. Depending on the image's quality, we also recommend a maximum print size.

We then scan the image for you on our high resolution equipment.

Then we EDIT–we correct colour, contrast, vibrancy, crop, and other basic photo properties.

If you want us to, we do the Extended Edit: this means dust removal, fixing tears and stains, and correcting a host of other possible issues. And rest assured that we know the difference between "good" and "good enough": we'll bring your image back to life without incurring unnecessary cost.

To read more about the process of restoration, click here.

Prices are very reasonable: see the price list. We look forward to seeing you in the store.

Extended Edit can even include pattern removal, as in the example. This lessens regular patterns, such as those seen in imperfect prints or old prints using textured paper. We can also lessen noise, and optimize sharpness.

Finally, we PRINT the image on professional paper using permanent pigments, and if you like, also find a suitable frame for it. And you'll be good for centuries.